Monday, 30 July 2012

Countdown to Osheaga: the Shins

This year, I will be attending Osheaga for the first time ever. Safe to say, I am beyond excited to go to this music festival. Although I decided to only attend one day of the three-day festival this year, I will be seeing a lot of bands that I love.

As I count down the days to Osheaga, I will be posting stuff about the bands that I am really excited about seeing this year. Today, let me talk about the Shins.

Back in 2004, I fell in love with "Garden State" and the music in the film. The Shins had two amazing songs on the soundtrack ("New Slang" and "Caring is Creepy"). I was completely obsessed with the soundtrack for years... the music from the film just really spoke to me. For a while, the Shins fell off my radar but I rediscovered their music last year, after I got my hands on their album "Wincing the Night Away". This past March, "Port of Morrow" was released and I grabbed it right away. Safe to say, the Shins' music still have the same effect on me, years later.

Below is the video for "It's Only Life" - my absolute favourite song from the Shins' latest album "Port of Morrow". I fell in love with this song instantly. It makes me smile every time I hear it. The album is worth checking out and this video is absolutely adorable! Enjoy!

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