Friday, 13 July 2012

Bluesfest: Day 9

Even after taking three days off from Bluesfest, I was still tired. However, I knew I couldn't miss Day 9, especially since Sam Roberts Band was playing.

I had never been a fan of Sam Roberts. Not until my friend asked me to go to his show in February as part of her birthday celebrations. I'm usually not one to say no to concerts and it was her birthday after all, so I accepted. Turns out, his show was fantastic and he's a terrific performer. Since then, I've been hooked!

While working at the Junos this year, Sam Roberts is the first musician that I met face to face, and I must say... this man is drop dead gorgeous, with unbelievable blue eyes that will make you fall head over heels in love with him... but I digress. He was really really nice and spoke with everyone in the room. Super nice and approachable guy... When I found out he was playing Bluesfest, I was really excited.

His set last night was great. He was filled with energy, as he always is. Even from a hundred feet away, I could still see his piercing blue eyes. Mmmmm... Anyways, there was a huge crowd and people seemed very enchanted by him (or maybe it's just me). Everyone also sang along, which was really fun too!

Afterwards, I stopped by the River Stage quickly to check out the Sheepdogs. Was I ever impressed! There was a huge crowd gathered and the Sheepdogs definitely delivered. They sounded impeccable! At least a million times better than Sleigh Bells...

I didn't stay for the whole set but I really enjoyed what I heard from the Sheepdogs. They are certainly a group to look out for!

Day 10 will be a short Bluesfest day for me, as I will only have time to watch one or two acts before my volunteer shift.

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