Saturday, 11 January 2014

Review: Josef Mieto and Amanda Cottreau

Friday night, I ventured into the mysterious place called Hull to check out the Tiny House Mansion Concert series. I really enjoy live performances in unconventional space, so I was really drawn to the concept of a live show in someone's living room. Josef Mieto, a local folk singer/songwriter, was celebrating the release of his second album with a very intimate performance.

The lovely Amanda Cottreau performed first. I had a chance to speak with Amanda before and after the show. She is an absolute delight! Her voice is absolutely divine... I had heard of her many times before, but never had the chance to see her perform. She definitely won me over!

Then Josef Mieto performed his new album in its entirety. He was joined by some friends during his performance. Mieto has such a nice, calming presence. He has a really great sound, and his voice really warms you up on the inside. Off the new album, my favourite track has to be "Baby Blue". The small crowd gathered in the living room showed Mieto lots of love and they couldn't get enough of Mieto. People kept insisting that he keep playing, so he played a few songs from his first album "Bad Eyes" (with some help of a friend). A great performance from great musician. I'm happy that I got a chance to see him perform.

It was a very fun evening. Check out Josef's new album "Down Low" here. Enjoy!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Photos: Winchester Warm & Farewell Davidson @ Blacksheep Inn

Last night, I finally went to the Blacksheep Inn. Yes, I hate to admit that I've been living in Ottawa for over 11 years and I had never been to the Blacksheep. Located in Wakefield, Quebec, a mere 40 minutes from Ottawa, the Blacksheep is a renowned concert venue in our area. Musicians love playing at this venue, and the patrons love it too!

First up, Sick Sick Sicks. To be honest, I didn't really enjoy the band. They mostly played cover songs, with 2-3 original songs that just didn't win me over. Interesting stage presence but something was missing.

Then Farewell Davidson took the stage. These guys look young... really young. But they are so cool and collected on stage... Like they've been doing this for years! I found them really professional, and they sounded great! I was really impressed... You haven't heard the last of these guys!

Finally, the headliners of the evening: Winchester Warm. I first discovered the group at Ravenswing this past summer and I really enjoyed their set. They are a bunch of really nice and funny guys. You can check out their debut album here. Their second album should be released in the next few months. Next time they play, check 'em out!

Overall, a great introduction to the Blacksheep Inn.

Winchester Warm at the Blacksheep Inn