Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bluesfest: Day 4

On Day 4 of Bluesfest, I had my first volunteer shift, then quickly went to check out the electro stage, which is quickly becoming my favourite stage at the festival.

Although there was a UFC event that I wanted to watch, I could not leave Bluesfest without checking out Alice Cooper on the main stage. I've seen Alice Cooper before, on my birthday last year and his show is fantastic. It was just as good and just as fun the second time around. His theatrics are always entertaining and his song selection is great! I am so happy that I stuck around to catch his show.

Also, check out my (French) review of Bluesfest: Day 4 here, on Sors-tu.  If you've never read their blog, please do so now. It's awesome!

I have decided to take off Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday and not go to Bluesfest. There are no huge artists that I really want to see... and quite frankly, I am exhausted and want to spend some time at home.

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