Friday, 30 November 2012

Upcoming Show: Band of Horses

For the last few years, I've become a big fan of Band of Horses. Their music is awesome. Some of their songs are haunting and just beautiful; some are just plain ol' rock n' roll! Regardless, their music just takes me to another place and I absolutely love it.

Their fourth album "Mirage Rock" just came out this September and they've been touring around the world since the summer. The band is playing at the Métropolis next week and I am beyond excited to check them out. I spent this past summer, hoping they would play some live shows in Canada. I'm looking forward to seeing them live, although I know they can't possibly play all of my favourite songs of theirs.

Also, who am I kidding? I'm a big fan of beards, and these bearded southern boys definitely rock my socks!

If you're in Montreal next week, you should come to the show. It should be a fun time! Also, if you've never heard of Band of Horses, check them out. They've been around for years and are totally underated. Trust me, these guys should be on your radar.

Here's a video for the song "Neighbor", which is a song that I really like. Also, I find this video calming and quite fitting, seeing as winter is upon us. Happy Friday and enjoy!

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