Thursday, 22 November 2012

Like an Old Friend

Music is like an old friend. Sometimes, you won't see or talk to a friend for a really long time. But when you reconnect, it's like you never spent any time apart, like nothing has changed. The same applies to music: you won't listen to an album, an artist or a group for a really long time but when you do listen to it again, it feels like magic, like coming home in a way.

I follow a lot of my favourite artists/groups on Twitter. It's a great way to keep up with their projects, their upcoming tour dates, new video releases and a bunch of other stuff.

This week, the very talented Jay Malinowski tweeted at me, after I suggested he come to Ottawa to play with his new project, the Deadcoast. I consider myself a fan of Jay Malinowski. I was never a big fan of Bedouin Soundclash. It's not that I didn't like the group, I was just indifferent honestly. Then I was lucky enough to catch the group when they opened for Metric a few years back. They are absolutely phenomenal live. I was sold! These guys are the real deal!

In 2010, I got my hands on Malinowski's solo album "Bright Lights and Bruises" and I was blown away. The album is amazing! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to catch him live while he was touring in support of this album. I'm still waiting for my chance to see him live. So I keep checking his Twitter account to see when he will be playing live shows. Unfortunately, he won't be playing in Ottawa just yet and I can't make it to Montreal for his show next week (for those of you who know me, normally I would).

I will admit, I don't listen to "Bright Lights and Bruises" very often, but when I do, it cuts me to the core and I feel a sense of peace. It's a wonderful feeling. That's what I love about music: it can take you places and make you feel so many different emotions. And I am so grateful for that.

Have a listen to "There's a Light", one of my favourite tracks of "Bright Lights and Bruises". Also, if you have a chance, check out the music video; it is absolutely stunning. Enjoy!

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  1. Fantastic review - I'll have to check him out :)

    Kate xo