Thursday, 8 November 2012

Owls by Nature Step Into the Spotlight

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This Remembrance Day, head out to the Rainbow Bistro and check out Owls by Nature. Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, the group has been playing together since April 2010. Their show on November 11th will support the release of their long-awaited sophomore album “Everything Is Hunted”.

Owls by Nature is a collaboration of five musicians from across Canada who met in a prairie town bar. The band features Ian McIntosh, Sean Hamilton, Cory D., Doc deGroot, and Freddy Brenton. They describe their sound as “whiskey-fuelled folk rock anthems for people who like to party”.

Since their first album "Backwater" was produced and released in early 2011, the group has matured and grown and so has their songwriting style. According to Sean Hamilton, the bassist and one of the band's vocalists, the new album is also better in terms of recording quality. "The time we spent on [the album] in the studio and the team that we worked with was above anything we could have hoped for," said Hamilton. He also added that this album is a step closer to truly finding the sound that is purely their own.

Since their inception, Owls by Nature are more solidified as a group. They have been touring on and off for over two years. So far, the group has only played shows in Canada but they are anticipating playing shows in the U.S. very soon. The group loves playing live shows because of the unpredictability. "If a song goes somewhere new or different, we can roll with it and something new may stem from it," Hamilton explained. He explained that the band grows from one show to next, especially when touring. "We get to see it all build in front of our eyes."

When asked what people can expect from their live show, Hamilton laughed and said that the audience should expect a lot of whiskey. In general, the group tends to give a very energetic performance and put on a good show for the audience.

This is the group's first time playing a show in Ottawa. They are optimistic about their upcoming show and are looking forward to seeing what the city is all about. "It's always fun to see what each local scene has to offer." Be sure to check out Owls by Nature in action at the Rainbow on November 11th. Ottawa is sure to give these western boys a warm welcome.

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