Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Review: "Your Sister's Sister"

**Note that this is my first movie review. You've been warned**

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This past week-end, I went to see "Your Sister's Sister" at the Bytowne. After seeing the trailer, and since I am a huge fan of Emily Blunt, I really wanted to see this film. In addition, the film received good reviews at TIFF.

Emily Blunt plays Iris, whose friend Jack (Mark Duplass) is having a hard time getting over his brother's death. She sends him to stay at her family's remote cabin. Upon his arrival, Jack discovers that Iris' sister Hannah is already staying at the cabin.

After an awkward meeting, Jack and Hannah end up drinking together then having a drunk sexual encounter. Iris shows up the next morning and things begin to unravel.

The relationship between the sisters is magical and it makes you want to join their family. The dynamic between all three characters is quite interesting to watch and their relationship progresses in an unusual way.

Mark Duplass and Rosemarie Dewitt were both unknowns to me. However, both their performances were outstanding. Dewitt definitely steals the show in the film. The actress (who starred alongside Anne Hathaway in "Rachel Getting Married") did a phenomenal job as Blunt's sister. Blunt is a pleasure to watch, as usual. Duplass does a great job as Jack, a guy unable to find himself and figure out his life after losing his brother a year earlier. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Duplass actually co-wrote and co-directed the film "Jeff Who Lives at Home", another great film that is worth checking out.

Overall, "Your Sister's Sister" is a cute, light-hearted comedy. The performances are great and the film had some really funny moments. The ending wasn't quite what I was expecting but it can still be considered a good ending. All in all, this film is worth checking out.

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