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Review: Dragonette "Bodyparts"

Me & Martina @ Bluesfest
I am a huge Dragonette fan. Although I have only been listening to their material since 2009, I am still a huge supporter of this Canadian electro-pop group and I've seen them live three times so far in the last three years.

The group's performances are always very fun and energetic. The last show I saw them play was at this year's Bluesfest. During their set, they played a lot of new material, which was great. Later that evening, I was lucky enough to meet Martina, the band's lead singer. She was an absolute sweetheart and it was so nice chatting with her. It was definitely a highlight for me this year.

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Dragonette's third album, "Bodyparts", will be available starting September 25th. This week, Hype Machine was featuring the album before its release date so I jumped at the opportunity to listen.

"Bodyparts" is a really fun album. The band doesn't seem to have taken itself too seriously this time around. However, in terms of production value, it doesn't measure up to its predecessor "Fixin to Thrill". I was a bit disappointed, since I felt that this album did not sound as polished as their first two albums. Then again, I was listening to it on computer speakers. Once I get the album in my hands, maybe the sound will come through better and blow my socks off.

In my opinion, the opening track "Run Run Run" and the closing track "Ghost" are two of the weakest songs on the album and seem like an odd choice to me. The track "Ghost" sounds like an entirely different band. Martina's vocals sound so different, which is a bit off putting.

Tracks that stand out on "Bodyparts" include "Live in this City", "Let It Go", "Right Woman", & "My Work is Done". These tracks are great, upbeat, and remain true to the Dragonette sound, which is really important to fans like myself.

Overall, "Bodyparts" is a good, fun, solid album. I enjoyed listening to it, but the album did not grab me as much as the first two did.


Dragonette just released their new video for "Live in this City" today. Martina's hair looks absolutely fantastic! Also, I am loving the denim on denim. Actually, I am loving every single thing about this video. Enjoy!

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