Saturday, 8 September 2012

Folkfest: Day 2 + Julie Doiron & the Wrong Guys

Day 2 of the Ottawa Folk Festival was a (very) short one for me. Not only was I exhausted, I also found out that one of my close friends, who currently lives in Toronto, was in town.

I headed to Hogs' Back Park and checked out Timber Timbre. It was the only show I was interested in checking out.

The show was great. Lead man Taylor Kirk showed up on stage solo, with a blues guitar and a bass drum. The show was really intimate and it sounded fantastic. I wasn't very familiar with Timber Timbre's material but this was definitely a good introduction.

Afterwards, the headliner was Lindsey Buckingham, of Fleetwood Mac. I had planned on staying for a bit, and checking out a few songs. However, when the opportunity to catch up with a good friend presented itself, I took advantage of it.

After grabbing a few drinks with my friend and her fiancé, I headed towards downtown to meet my husband and his friends at Café Dekcuf, where Julie Doiron & the Wrong Guys were playing. I was lucky enough to be able to catch the last few songs from their set and Julie's (solo) encore at the end.

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The band is comprised of Julie, Eamon McGrath, and two members of Cancer Bats. They sounded really good. It's too bad that there weren't more people in attendance. 

Seeing as Julie and I share the same name (or most of it), I joked with my friends that I needed to confront her about this. One of Gaston's friend is a good friend with Julie's manager. She introduced us and told him that Julie and I had the same name. Once he heard that, he grabbed me and introduced me to Julie. It was a bit awkward right at first, as she seemed confused when her manager told her that I was Julie Doiron too. Once we started chatting, everything was great. She is such a sweet girl. I really enjoyed talking to her. She totally won me over with her performance and her nice personality.

Overall, it was a good night of music.

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