Monday, 22 July 2013

Review: Groenland @ Mavericks

I like being wowed when I go see shows. And I was very wowed when I went to Mavericks last night to check out Groenland.

Last week, my friend Elly invited me to go to the show the same day I stumbled upon the band's poster. When I saw it, I remember thinking: "I should go see this. I would probably like it."

I headed to Cafe Dekcuf to find that the show had been moved to Mavericks. Great news, seeing as this venue is more spacious than Dekcuf.

The opening act was the Orienteers, a local band. I really enjoyed their quiet, melodic sound. It reminded me of Raised by Swans, a band from London, Ontario that I really enjoy. The sound of the lap guitar added so much electricity to the music, I loved it. The only thing I did not like is that the crowd was loud and it was distracting during the Orienteers' set. I can't wait to catch these guys play live again soon.

Photo: Cindy Boyce
Then it was time for Groenland. There was quite a bit of people for a Sunday night show. From the looks of it, many friends and family members of the group were in attendance. It felt like a homecoming of sorts. Also, the band announced that this was the last show of their tour.

Hailing from Montreal, the band is comprised of six members. Luckily the venue was changed because I highly doubt all those people would have fit on the tiny stage at Cafe Dekcuf. Also, I should add that all the members are equally talented and charming, not a bad combination.

The group played music mostly from their first LP "The Chase". Their style of indie pop is fun and whimsical - you can't help but dance! I love seeing musicians having a blast playing together on stage, and this was definitely the case. I especially love that there was both a violin and cello. This added so much depth to the music.

Be sure to check out Groenland when they play Osheaga on August 3rd. Check out their really fun video for "The Thing I've Done" below. Admit it, you really want to party with them too!

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