Monday, 29 July 2013

Countdown to Osheaga: Two Door Cinema Club

The countdown is on! I'll be heading out to Osheaga in 4 days and I am really excited!

Because the lineup was not as good as I anticipated, I decided to only buy a day pass for Friday, seeing as 99% of the bands I wanted to see are playing on that day.

Who I'm excited to see: Two Door Cinema Club.

I discovered Two Door Cinema Club about two years ago. My best friend was absolutely obsessed with the band, and she said I would probably enjoy it. She was right!

The indie rock from Ireland has a bit of a pop flavour to their sound. Their debut album "Tourist History" was released in 2010 followed by their second LP "Beacon", which was released last year. Although "Tourist History" is a great album, I am absolutely obsessed with "Beacon". I've been listening to it non stop for a few months now. The album is definitely worth checking out. I can't wait for their set at Osheaga!

Here's the video for my favourite song "Handshake", off the album "Beacon". Enjoy!


  1. I'm excited to see YOU at Osheaga, Julie! You'd better sing for me ;-)