Monday, 8 July 2013

Bluesfest: Day 4

Sunday was a big day for me at Bluesfest. At least it was supposed to be until I got sick.

I headed out to Bluefest early Sunday morning for my volunteer shift. I wasn't feeling well, but I assumed it would pass. After an hour, it became clear that I wasn't going to feel better anytime soon.

After my volunteer shift, I headed home and slept for about three hours. I woke up, ate some soup, then put on my rain boots, and headed back to Bluesfest. I probably should have stayed in bed but nothing was going to prevent me from seeing Tegan and Sara. Their latest album "Heartthrob" is fantastic and I've been listening to it obsessively for months.

The ladies started their set with "Drove me Wild" followed by "Goodbye, Goodbye", one of my favourite songs off the latest album.

They played many songs from "Heartthrob", including "How Come You Don't Want Me", "I Was a Fool", "Shock to Your System" and "I Couldn't Be Your Friend".  They also played some of their older material, including "Call It Off" and "Back in Your Head".

They finished their set with "I Feel it in My Bones" and "Closer".

The twin sisters are absolutely charming and they interacted with the audience a lot. They seemed happy to be playing at Bluesfest.

Overall, a great performance that was worth getting out of bed for.

Some of the acts I missed include Everlast, the Joy Formidable and Hannah Georgas. I was also looking forward to checking out Her Harbour and Dynamite Motel, who were both playing in the afternoon in the Barney Danson Theatre.

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