Monday, 22 October 2012

Week-end in Montreal

This past week-end, I traveled to check out some shows in the lovely city of Montreal. This is something I do every few months. If it were up to me, I'd probably be in Montreal once a week to catch shows.

I started writing concert reviews this year, and so far, I really like it. Before this year's Bluesfest, I approached one of my favorite music website Sors-tu based in Montreal to see if they were looking for contributors. They accepted my offer and I was able to write two different reviews on different days of Bluesfest. This website is fantastic and always keeps me in the loop on upcoming shows in the area.

I knew I was headed to Montreal to catch some shows, so I reached out to them again and they agreed to let me write more reviews on the shows I was going to see. This is really exciting because I adore this website. Also, I get to practice my French writing skills.

Friday night, I headed to the Théâtre Corona to check out Dragonette live.  I wrote a review about it, one that I am extremely proud of. The show was great, especially since they played a lot of their new material from their latest album "Bodyparts". It was a really fun show and I danced a whole lot! The opening acts were good also.

I was also able to write a review on the Black Label Society show. They were playing Saturday night at the Métropolis, my absolute favorite venue in Montreal. I hadn't been there since last May for the Cranberries show. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well during the show. However, I still managed to enjoy the show.

So in case you haven't already, check out It's a great website. Also, if you don't understand French, at least you can see the awesome pictures.

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