Friday, 19 October 2012

Julie Goes to the Big Apple

In case you didn't know, I'm not a big traveler. Traveling gives me anxiety and it's no fun! When I do travel, I tend to stick with cities that are close by, like Montréal or Toronto, unless I decide to venture far and go visit my family in NB.

For years, I've been talking about going to visit New York City. Finally, I decided to seal the deal this summer, when Porter was having a sale. I booked our flights, and that was that! We found a great little apartment to rent in the Upper East Side so we were all set.

Day 1 of NYC included a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a visit to the top of the Rockfeller Center. The view from the Top of the Rock is absolutely breathtaking! Also, we stopped by the Lego store, which was so fun. Loved it!

On Day 2, we walked around Manhattan and visited Times Square. We also decided to go for a boat tour and check out the Statue of Liberty. Instead of taking a 2 hour or 3 hour boat tour, we decided to take the 30 minute ride on a speedboat... Why not?!? Well, after the boat ride, we were absolutely soaked from head to toe! But seeing as it was so windy, we dried off as we were walking through Manhattan. Finally, in the evening, we went to a sports lounge and watched the UFC event.

On Day 3, we took the subway and headed to Coney Island. Going to NYC was my idea. When I asked my husband if there was anything in particular that he wanted to do during our trip, he said "eat a hot dog on Coney Island". So I obliged and an hour subway ride later, there we were! Coney Island was absolutely stunning and the weather was wonderful. I am pleased that we went there. Also, the subway is really easy to use.

Later that day, we went to the Museum of Modern Art, then we caught "Avenue Q" off Broadway. It was a great show and we only paid $20 each ticket. An awesome deal! Afterwards, we ended the evening at  Lucille's, which is B.B. King's bar and we listening to some blues, had some drinks and enjoyed a nice meal.

On Day 4, we walked through Central Park (well, parts of it). Absolutely stunning! It's hard to see the whole park, because it's so huge.Then we walked along 5th Avenue and then I stopped by the DryBar to get my hair done before our night out.

During the evening, we went to check out Grizzly Bear at Radio City Music Hall. The music venue is absolutely stunning and the show was fantastic! Definitely worth checking out.

Overall, I had an amazing time in NYC. The weather was perfect and we did lots of fun stuff. NYC is definitely a city that matches my personality and I cannot wait to go back and visit more of the city.

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