Monday, 13 August 2012

Feeling a Little Lost

After all those weeks and months of anticipation, Osheaga has come and gone. Now,  I am eagerly awaiting the next set of shows.

Here's my issue: I have no shows lined up until the Ottawa Folk Festival, which is three weeks away. Then, once Folkfest is done, I will be hitting up NYC's Radio City Music Hall at the end of September. After that, I' m hitting Montreal for two shows at the end of October.

Gulp! When I think about it, that's not very many shows... At least, not compared to what I'm used to this summer.

I won't start panicking just yet. I'm thinking that I will get my music fix by hitting some music venues, like Zaphod's and Mavericks and checking out some local acts in the meantime. Or I could just stay home and save some money... but where's the fun in that?!?

Do you guys have any shows to suggest? What shows in Ottawa (or Montreal) are worth checking out this August/September/October?

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  1. Julie! Not to worry my friend, I feel a bit the same way however there are tons of events coming up in September that are sure to keep you busy ;) And as you say, it's always good to check out some local acts and support local talent :)