Thursday, 28 November 2013

What I'm Listening To: Jake Bugg

These days, I am absolutely obsessed with Jake Bugg.

This 19 year old British musician has a unique sound that blends many genres of music, including rock, blues, folk, punk and grunge. Last week, his second album "Shangri La" was released, just a year after his debut self-titled album was released. Pretty remarkable...

Bugg's talent as a songwriter is clear while listening to this album. Safe to say, he's got a long career ahead of him!

Check out the songs "Simple Pleasures" and "A Song About Love", two of my favourite songs off "Shangri La". Enjoy!

Also, did I mention that Jake Bugg is playing at the Métropolis on January 12th? See you there!

Check out my French review of "Shangri La" on Sors-tu here.

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