Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Review: Matthew Good "Arrows of Desire"

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It's no secret: I love Matthew Good. His music has been part of my life for a long time, and I've seen him live half a dozen times. His music just knows how to cut me and make me bleed from my insides out. It even inspired my last tattoo. There's just something about it...

Good's latest album "Arrows of Desire" was released on September 24. This is his sixth solo studio album, since Matthew Good Band was disbanded.

His previous album "Lights of Endangered Species" was very experimental. I know many die hard Matthew Good fans that did not like that album. In my case, I really enjoyed the album and thought it was quite a breakthrough for Good. The album included a lot more instrumental and orchestral elements to it, and the structure of the songs was a bit different than his other albums. To me, it was refreshing and very creative.

Overall, "Arrows of Desire" is a really good album. The sound is very reminiscent of Matthew Good back in the early 2000's. Matt Good fans who did not like "Lights of Endangered Species" will most likely love this album. It screams classic Matthew Good.

For me, a few songs mostly stand out in  "Arrows of Desire", mostly "Garden of Knives", "Guns of Carolina" and "Via Dolorosa".

In my books, Matthew Good can do no wrong. I'll be a fan of his forever. Did you get your hands on "Arrows of Desire"? What's your favourite song off the album?

Check out the video below for the song "Guns of Carolina". Enjoy!

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