Monday, 25 March 2013

Review: Hunter Valentine @ Mavericks

Friday night, I headed to Mavericks to check out Hunter Valentine. Having heard of the group, I never actually listened to their material. However, I was curious to check out the group and see what they're all about.

Things that I knew about the band before the show:

Courtesy of
-  Hunter Valentine is an all-girl, lesbian band.
- The band was somehow connected to the reality show "The Real L Word".

Things I did not know about the band:

- They're Canadian! (from Toronto)
- They have three albums under their belts.
- The band members had starring roles in Season 3 of "The Real L Word".

The show began with performances by Fiona Noakes and The Ecstatic. Both groups did a decent job at warming up the crowd and keeping them entertained until the main act took the stage. Unfortunately, I missed most of Fiona Noakes' set so I would love the opportunity to see her live at another time. As for the Ecstatic, their sound is quite hard to pinpoint, but the members all played really well together, and the lead singer had such a huge voice (coming from such a small frame).

Hunter Valentine put on a great performance. I really enjoyed their set and their energy levels were good. Lead guitarist / singer Kiyomi McCloskey has impressive vocals and her sound is raw and gritty, yet still quite pleasant to listen to.

I really enjoyed watching these girls rock out on stage. They genuinely seem to love playing live music, which is always a plus. I was also really impressed with the evening's turnout. The show was sold out, and the majority of the crowd was female under the age of 25 (not surprising).

Overall, the show was good and quite entertaining. I'm happy I checked it out. Am I going to get my hands on some Hunter Valentine albums? I haven't decided yet... I honestly think that this is one of those instances where it's better to listen to the group live than on disc. I guess we'll wait and see... In the meantime, you can listen to "Lonely Crusade", a track of their third album "Collide and Conquer". Enjoy!

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