Friday, 29 March 2013

Catching up With Loon Choir

Last Saturday, I went to Mavericks to check out Loon Choir, who were playing alongside André M. Bluteau, Phantom Shores and Kalle Mattson. The show had a really great turnout!

I first saw the band live last October at the Mercury Lounge for Couch Assassin's Launch Party. I was really impressed with their performance. First of all, there were so many of them on stage; they barely all fit on the tiny stage of the Mercury Lounge. My first observation was the energy that the band projected. It was quite contagious and the audience absolutely loved it!

A while ago, I spoke with Brad Sheffield, synth player of Loon Choir, and asked him about the growth of the band, the music scene in Ottawa and what's next for Loon Choir. You can check out my piece on the band on Couch Assassin here.


What local bands do you listen to? If you know a great local band/artist that deserves to be promoted, let me know. I love to write about them on Couch Assassin!

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