Sunday, 8 January 2012

My Winter Wonderland Adventure

During the holidays, I had a romantic winter getaway. The husband and I left Ottawa on December 23rd for Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

Our first activity was dog sledding. I am a huge dog lover and I love huskies. Therefore, I was very excited!

The dogs were very excited and they were jumping everywhere! They were absolutely gorgeous and I definitely fell in love with most of them!

We were responsible for helping set up the dog sleds, then G and I took turns driving the sled. It was an amazing experience! Also, these dogs are incredibly strong and I cannot believe how much energy they have!

After dog sledding, Gaston and I drove to Mont Tremblant, where we walked around and had a very relaxing evening.


The next day, Gaston and I went skiing. It was only my second time skiing and I was absolutely terrified! Mont Tremblant is a huge mountain!

Two hours of skiing later, it was time for the hot tub, then dinner and drinks. Not a bad way to spend Christmas Eve, in my opinion.


My little two day getaway was very fun and relaxing. It was something that we had never done before but that I would definitely do again.

Hopefully, 2012 will hold many other little adventures.

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