Sunday, 29 March 2015

Local Talent Will Shine at Bluesfest

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Last Monday evening, part of the lineup of the 2015 Ottawa Bluesfest was leaked. Soon after, a press release circulated, making it official. Music fans in Ottawa rejoiced at the announcement. Most of us thought we would have to wait until April to find out what acts would be playing this summer.

Reactions on the lineups have been mixed. Some people are really excited and have bought their festival passes as soon as they came online Wednesday. Some aren't really impressed with the lineup and are hoping there will be bigger, more impressive acts added to the lineup in April (although the latest addition of Kanye West to the bill is definitely bringing a lot of hype around the festival).

Regardless, true fans of Ottawa music are definitely pleased with the inclusion of great local acts. This year's lineup includes the Yips, Hilotrons, FET.NAT, Thrifty Kids, Blakdenim, Bosveld, Tara Holloway, Kaleigh Watts, Gold and Marrow, the Haig, New Swears, Monkey Junk, Flight Distance, Bella Cat, Grime Kings and Winchester Warm.

Last year's lineup also had a strong local presence. However, most of the local bands last year played the Barney Danson theatre, which is located inside the Canadian War Museum. There is no word yet on whether this trend will remain in 2015 or if local acts will be playing on one of the outdoor stages. In my humble opinion, playing one of the bigger stages would be the best option. This would allow more people to see these great local acts, seeing as not many people go inside the museum at one given time (and if they do, they might not even know about the theatre). Don't get me wrong, the Barney Danson theatre is great. The sound is good, and it's nice to sit down for a bit after you've been on your feet all day. However, it's more likely to people will be walking around from stage to stage, and they might stumble upon one of these great bands and make a nice discovery.

What are your thoughts on this year's lineup? Who are you most excited to see at Bluesfest? Tweet at me @juliecdoiron!

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