Thursday, 26 June 2014

Don't Spoil the Surprise!

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Summer has arrived, and Ottawa, I hope you're ready to party! Mugshots is a great spot to check out shows in the summer months, because you get to spend time outdoors and see awesome live acts rock out. This Sunday night is no exception! Surprise Party will be taking over Mugshots and it's going to be a blast.

Surprise Party is a 4 piece band from Winnipeg who describe their sound as rock goth metal pop. That should appeal to lots of people in Ottawa with various musical tastes! The guys of Surprise Party have been playing together for almost two years, and they have just embarked on their second Eastern Canadian tour. I recently spoke to Mischa Decter, lead guitarist and singer of Surprise Party about their tour and what it's like being a band from Winnipeg.

The band name is pretty catchy. Surprise Party. According to Decter, the name represents many things, including "pain, ultimate suffering and the eternal quest for oxygen when you're fucking impaled on a stake in the middle of a field with 40 000 other people". If you've heard of Vladimir the Impaler, this should be self explanatory.

You can check out the band's full-length album online. Featuring songs like "Jealousy", "I Hate Girls" and "Second Hand Girlfriend", it's safe to say that Heart of Love has something for everyone! The inspiration behind the album comes from many elements, including "anger, sexual frustration, persecution, intergalactic sodomy and other things". Stuff we can all relate to!

Surprise Party is definitely a band to catch live. According to Decter, people should expect "a fuzzed out super saturated explosion of highly comradic doom". Based on that alone, you know you can't miss this show! The band's tour includes stops in Sudbury, Kingston, London, Windsor, Guelph, two shows in Montreal and two shows in Toronto.

There are lots of perks to touring. Some of the perks that Decter enjoys are "free beer, free food, playing music, driving to shows, hanging out, meeting people and intergalactic sodomy". Every band has at least one live show that stand out for them. When asked about his most memorable live performance, Decter shared: "We just played in Saskatoon at MosoFest at the same time as Timber Timbre was playing across the street, so the only people that watched us were our friends from Winnipeg, and the venue flooded with people immediately after they finished [...] That was memorable." And was there puking involved? You bet! "I puked later that night because I ate 3 taquitos from 7-11."

We don't often hear of bands coming out of Winnipeg, not to say that there aren't any. "The worst part about being a band from Winnipeg is the lack of good bands to play with and the lack of people who enjoy live music," explained Decter. "Most kids there are club rats."

And the best thing about being a band from Winnipeg? "Sharing the homeland of the great Tal Bachman, Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings. It's a shame that Tom Cochrane wasn't born in Winnipeg, but coming from the same province as him is quite breathtaking."

Surprise Party will be joined by Ottawa's Swollen Eyes and Montreal's Small Teeth at Mugshots Sunday night. The show is presented by DEBASER. You can tune in to DEBASER every Tuesdays from 2-3 pm on CKCU93.1 FM.

Sunday night, don't stay home! Enjoy this gorgeous (yet sometimes disgusting) weather and go check out this show! There's sure to be fun shenanigans, great tunes and some weird shit painted on people's face. And don't worry about puking; you'll be outdoors anyways!

Surprise Party // Swollen Eyes // Small Teeth
Sunday, June 29, 2014
Mugshots (Ottawa Jail Hostel) @ 8PM

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