Thursday, 5 December 2013

Photos: Greg McEvoy, Ilvekyo & Shawn Tavenier

Tuesday night was good night to be at Avant Garde Bar. Three awesome acts took the stage and patrons had an absolute blast, especially me!

The show started with Shawn Tavenier, who was joined by Nick Gauthier, both from local group Silver Creek. I had heard of the group, but never had the opportunity to hear them play live. I really enjoyed the group. After speaking to Tavenier, I discovered that the group plays every Wednesday evening at the Highlander. Check 'em out!

Then it was time for Ilvekyo. You remember Ilvekyo, right? I saw them perform for the first time this past Summer on the rooftop of Jack Pine. Since then, I've seen them play a few times, and the guys are great! This past week-end, the group apparently recorded 3-4 new songs for an upcoming EP. They performed some new songs, and they are great. Seriously, look up Ilvekyo or catch one of their upcoming shows. You will not be disappointed!

Afterwards, it was time for Toronto based musician Greg McEvoy to take the stage. McEvoy was also one of the artists that I saw performing on the rooftop. Not only is he a super nice guy, his songs are really catchy. The first few times I saw him play, it was stripped down acoustic sets. This time, he played with the support of a band, which was nice. Check out his EP "Sea of Yards", released in September.

Overall, a great night of music at Avant Garde Bar. Not too shabby for a Tuesday night.

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