Saturday, 16 February 2013

Review: Passion Pit @ Métropolis

Yesterday afternoon, I ended work early and headed to Montreal to check out Passion Pit at the Métropolis. After seeing them live at Osheaga this past summer, I was thrilled when this show was announced. Although I'd seen Passion Pit twice before, I had only seen them play short(er) sets at outdoor festivals. Therefore, I was very excited to see them play a full set.

The Métropolis was absolutely packed, although I'm not sure if the show was completely sold out.

The show started on a strong note with "I'll be Alright" and immediately proceeded with "The Reeling" and their latest single "Carried Away". During "Take a Walk", bubble machines started producing a ridiculous amount of bubbles into the audience. This added a nice effect to the song. Also, I happen to love bubbles, so I was happy!

The setlist including a lot of songs from "Gossamer" ("Cry Like a Ghost", "Love is Greed", It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy", "Mirrored Sea", "Constant Conversations") and "Manners" ("Moth's Wings", "To Kingdom Come", "Eyes as Candles", "Make Light", "Folds in Your Hands").

The show ended with the song "Little Secrets" then the band performed "Sleepy Head" for their encore. I was hoping for more than one song for the encore but, alas, what can you do.

Lead singer Michael Angelakos was on fire. His energy levels were high and he seemed in his element. It was really nice to see him so lively, especially since the band cancelled some shows last year so that Angelakos could focus on his mental health and well-being (see Pitchfork article). 

Although I loved their set at Osheaga, Passion Pit definitely sounded a lot better this time around. The sound might be a result of the venue. Also, I really enjoyed the stage setup. Huge balloons were hanging from the scaffolding; different colours were being projected on them and they moved around during the show. This reminded me of the setup at the Grizzly Bear show, which I also enjoyed.

The opening act, Matt and Kim, did a great job at warming up the crowd. They were filled with energy and definitely got the crowd dancing. Apparently the group is known for the doing the "Harlem Shake" dance (whatever that is). I enjoyed their set but at one point, the drummer Kim kept standing on her kick drum with her arms in the air. She kept doing this during every single song. After a while, this became a bit boring. The show quickly became about the theatrics and the stunts instead of the music. Then again, I can see how this might be appealing to 18 year old hipsters.

Overall, it was a really great show. The only thing that prevented the show from being perfect is the audience. There were so many people who were not paying attention at all during the entire show. To me, there is no greater disrespect to an artist or band and to their fans than to talk incessantly during a show. At one point, I had to tell the idiots in front of me to stop talking. I also reminded them that there was a concert going on and they should try listening to it. They looked at me like I was crazy. I realize that going to a concert and actually listening to the music is a crazy concept. What was I thinking? My bad.

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