Monday, 18 June 2012

Review: Foster the People @ Canal Lachine

Last Tuesday, I traveled with my girlfriends and headed to Montreal. We were beyond excited to see Foster the People in concert. With opening acts like Kimbra and Tokyo Police Club, this show was bound to be a good one.

The show took place at the Canal Lachine, which is a National Historic Site managed under Parks Canada. Although I've seen tons of shows in Montreal, this "venue" was very new to me. The show was held outdoors, on the side of the canal. Our tickets indicated that the show was rain or shine, which turned out to be a good thing.

Tuesday was a rainy day. It rained all day and all evening. Despite the rain, my friends and I were excited to get to the show.

I am usually not a fan of opening acts. Although I am often pleasantly surprised by them, I am never genuinely excited to see an opening act, especially when I'm really excited about the main act. However, in this case, I got my hands on Kimbra's album and I was quite excited to see her live. Unfortunately, by the time we got to Canal Lachine, Kimbra's set had ended.

When we arrived, Tokyo Police Club had started their set. They played many songs from their latest album "Champ", which is a great album. They even played one or two new songs. Having seen Tokyo Police Club before, I believe it was definitely not their best performance. Also, the rain definitely did not help.

After Tokyo Police Club ended their set, the rain stopped and Foster the People took the stage 30 minutes later. You could feel the excitement in the air. Foster the People started strong with "Miss You" and played hit after hit from their debut album "Torches".  They even played two new songs, and invited Kimbra on stage to sing her single "Warrior" with Mark Foster. Their encore included a new song, started off with Mark Foster solo on the keyboards then he was joined by the rest of the band. And, as I suspected, the show ended with "Pumped up Kicks", with the crowd singing loudly. The song was prolonged with musical breaks and some dubstep interpretation, which brought the popular song to another level. By far my favourite of the evening!

Their stage set-up was fun, with lots of bright colours, and crazy designs. This definitely set the tone for the show. The band members had lots of energy and seemed to genuinely have a good time. Mark Foster explained that they have been touring non-stop for sixteen months. Despite this long touring schedule, the boys seemed to still enjoy what they do.

I must commend Evenko on their organization of this event. Every set started exactly on time, as outlined on Twitter. In my opinion, the location choice was good, despite the weather and distance from the general downtown area.

Although there wasn't a larger number of people in attendance (possibly due to the weather), the show was great and definitely worth the trip to Montreal. 

Here's a video of their first song:

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