Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Bit of Perspective

Well, it's been over a month since I've last posted on my blog. It's a bit surreal how busy I have been in the last couple of weeks. Today is the first day that I can totally relax and unwind a bit. Just to give you an idea of what's been happening to me in the last month:

Since mid-September, I have been taking an online course at Ryerson on Public Relations. My workplace is paying for the course as "training" so why not jump at the opportunity? How much work could it be? Well, surprise! It's a lot of work... I find myself, sitting at the dining room table many nights a week, reading through a textbook... like when I was in first year university. What have I learned? I don't like reading textbooks. Also, how the hell did I end up finishing four years of university? Looking back, not sure how I was able to handle all the work and graduate. Oh well...

Two of my best friends and I went on a day trip to Montreal. It was a fun day, filled with food, beers, shopping and Chromeo! The concert was amazing, definitely worth the trip. Also, I ran into two actors from Degrassi, making me a bit starstruck.

In an effort to do more writing, I applied for an internship to blog about Ottawa Fashion Week. Having worked backstage at fashion shows before, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to explore another facet of this type of event. I was selected as one of two interns for miss SLY!™ fashion blog. From Sept. 29th to Oct. 1st, I reported from backstage, speaking with designers, models, volunteers, just to name a few. I attended many fabulous fashion shows and met some very cool people. It was a very crazy three days but it was a great experience! Thank you to miss SLY!™ for the opportunity.

Two weeks ago, my dad came to Ottawa for a visit. He's been living in Alberta for about three years now. I was a bit nervous for his visit, not knowing really want to expect. The visit went well, although we didn't do much. I had a few things lined up but the weather did not permit. Highlight of the visit: our lovely, relaxing walk in the woods that turned into a rainstorm survival journey, taking shelter in a nearby museum and going in for a visit.

With my friend Dee's wedding coming up, a few of my friends got together and had a girls' night in. It was such a fun evening, although the plan had initially been to go out to kareoke. We stayed home, sat, had some drinks and just talked all night. It was great to reconnect with all these friends, whom I only see on occasion.

Yesterday was the day of Dee's wedding. Weeks earlier, I had asked her if she needed help on her big day. Naomie, who got married this past summer, told me how much she missed doing wedding-related stuff. I hinted at the idea of us becoming wedding planners and starting our own business. After speaking with Dee, I knew her wedding was the perfect opportunity for Naomie and I to see if we have what it takes to be wedding planners. The day was quite chaotic but we pulled it off. And the weather cooperated! And Naomie had fun! It was a wonderful wedding and I'm happy I got to help my friend.

There's nothing like sitting back and looking at what you've done in the short span of four weeks. I'm either really ambitious or completely insane. Stay tuned.

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